About Us

Located in the county town of Kent, Maidstone Chambers specialises in all aspects of the crinimal law, family law and civil litigation. We aim to provide a service of the highest quality, focused towards achieving our clients' objectives.


Professional and licenced acsess clients may contact the clerks to obtain a quotation for legal services. Chambers will provide a quotation within 7 days in a clear and concise manor.  

Lay clients should not contact Chambers direct as all enquiries should go through your solicitor. 

Chambers usual pricing model will be a fixed brief fee based on the number of hours the particular barrister will take. Chambers generally charges a brief fee for any court apperance based on the seniority and experience of the barrister, the complexitiy of the case and the amount of preparation requiried. For refreshers (further fees for adittional work/days in court) are calculated in a simular fashion. 

It is possible in certain circumstances to regnigociate a fixed fee for particiar work or to employ a barrister at an hourly rate. Chambers does not normally except instructions under CFA (no win, no fee). In the event that you wish to instruct a barrister under CFA, please contact Ahawes@maidstonechambers.co.uk to discuss furher. 

The sort of factors which might influence the time scale for the conduct of a particular peice of work include:

1. Barrister avalibility

2. Avalibility of the lay client

3. Complexity of the case 

4. Number of documents that need to be considered

5. Court waiting time

Maidstone Chambers aim to provide all written work within 14 days of receiving full instructions, however in certain curcumstances a peice of work would take longer to complete if the instructed barrister is particulally busy or the case is unusually complexed. 

If you would like to discuss your requirements or find out more about us, please contact our clerking team on 01622 688592.