Direct Access


Can I instruct a barrister directly?

Yes - Maidstone Chambers provides high-quality, value for money advice and representation to clients via the Direct Public Access (DPA) scheme, without the need for a solicitor. This can save you money in the right circumstances. However if we feel you would benefit from having a solicitor then we will always let you know immediately.


 We can help you in different ways. Firstly we can offer….



How it works:

  1. Briefly outline your case via an email to
  2. A clerk will match your case with a suitable barrister
  3. You pay a fixed fee starting from only £150.00 + VAT up front 
  4. We will put you through to your barrister either by phone for the advice session at a prearranged time or you can meet them in Chambers. 
  5. We can work out a suitable and realistic plan for the future


What can we help with?

Criminal Law (where you are not receiving legal aid)

  • All Driving Offences
  • Sentencing Hearings (If you have already pleaded guilty and are being sentenced)
  • Advice on appeals against conviction or sentence from the Crown Court
  • Appeals from the Magistrates’ Court

Family Law

  • Arrangements for children after separation
  • Child Protection
  • Care Proceedings
  • Non Molestation Orders

Military Law

  • Representation in the Court Martial and Court Martial Appeal Court
  • Advice relating to Summary Hearings
  • Drafting Pleas in Mitigation for Summary Hearings
  • Advice and written submissions on AGAI’67 matters

Professional Discipline

  • Representation before professional bodies

Civil Law We can offer advice and representation in a large number of areas including:

  • Boundary Disputes
  • Landlord & Tennant matters
  • Contract Disputes
  • Planning Enforcement


  • Taxi Licensing
  • Entertainment Licensing

If you have a enquiry that is not on this list then we may still be able to help. Please call Adrian Hawes on 01622 688592 to find out.


How much will it cost?

The cost of a public access case will depend on a number of factors. They include:

  • The volume of documents
  • The tasks you need your barrister to carry out (for example, it will cost more if the barrister assists you in drafting statements, court forms and sifting evidence than it would if they are simply advising on the hearing)
  • The length of the hearing
  • Seniority of barrister
  • Location of the case
  • Complexity of the case
  • The time it takes to prepare
  • Any novel points of law or additional research


We will always provide you with a clear pricing structure for handling your case and we will return your documents to you free of charge if you decide you don’t want to use our services having provided that pricing to you. You will be asked to pay in advance. This means you will never be charged for work that you have not already agreed one of our barristers should carry out.

If your case requires any additional work we will contact you in advance, explain why the additional work is necessary and take your clear instructions on whether you want us to carry out the work or not. Again, we will ask for payment in advance of carrying out additional work. You will never get an unexpected bill.


What next?

If you would like to speak to someone about instructing a barrister from Maidstone Chambers directly you can call your local Chambers on 01622 688592 and speak to one of our clerks who will help you with your initial enquiry.


You will not be charged unless you have agreed the charge and the work that it will apply to, and if your case is not suitable for public access, we will tell you free of charge and will help you find a suitable expert solicitor if one is required.