Philip Sinclair (Member)

Philip Sinclair (Member)

Date of Call: 1995 (Gray’s Inn)

Qualifications: LLB (Hons) London.

Areas of Practice: 

  • Crime
  • Property Law, Planning
  • Construction
  • Boundary Disputes (inc. Party Wall Act matters)
  • Harassment
  • Contractual Disputes
  • General Civil Litigation


Philip has substantial experience (both Civil & Criminal) in the higher and Appellate courts. His practice is wide-ranging, consisting of very high-profile crime, multi-million pound disputes in the Chancery Courts and contested probate.

Philip lives in a village on the borders of Kent and Sussex. He enjoys sailing, writing and shouting at the radio.

Notable cases:

Philip obtained the only aquittals in both the 'body on the beach' murder (R v West) in 2014 and the 'Hatton Garden Heist' (R v Harbinson) in 2016.

Reported Cases Include:

R v Gauntlett (1999) EWCA Crim 1162 (a case concerning the comparability of sentencing). 

R (On Application of Clive Biggs) v HO (2002) EWHC 1012 (Admin) (a case concerning the appropriateness of Judicial Review where a prisoner's licence has been revoked). 

R v Matthews (2003) EWCA Crim 813 (Archbold: 16-78 and 24-128) (a case brought under the Human Rights’ Act concerning the reverse burden provisions of Section 139, Criminal Justice Act 1988 (bladed article). A question was certified for consideration by the House of Lords).

Bathurst v Scarborow (2004) EWCA civ 411 (a case concerning the relative precedence of Partnership and Property Law).

R (On Application of DPP) v Humphrey (2005) EMHC 822 (Admin) (a case concerning the meaning of “religious aggravation” in Section 28, Crime and Disorder Act 1998).

R v Taylor (2006) EWCA Crim 260. Archbold 11-3c (a case which clarified the test for admitting hearsay evidence under the 2003 Criminal Justice Act)

R v Hitchens (2011) EWCA Crim 1626 (a case which confirmed that a person may use force against an innocent third party in order to defend himself or another, or in the prevention of crime).

Memberships: South Eastern Circuit, Criminal Bar Association, Kent Bar Mess and Greenpeace.


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