Alan Kent QC (Door Tenant)

Alan Kent QC (Door Tenant)

Date of call: 1986 (QC 2009)

Profile: Alan Kent QC is ranked in Chambers and Partners.

He took silk in 2009 and specialises in defending and prosecuting all manner of serious crime. He is an accomplished advocate who has been instructed in dozens and dozens of murder cases, however his skills are not limited to murder. He has considerable experience of complex money laundering and fraud work as well as drugs and sexual offences. His work ethic is second to none and he prepares and presents all his cases with meticulous care.

His client care is faultless and he is always ready and willing to provide advice and help. He is especially good with vulnerable clients and is adept at explaining law and procedure in a clear and understandable way.

Alan builds up a great rapport with clients and is an exceptional jury advocate.

A judge recently described him as a credit to his profession, to those who instruct him, his lay client and the courts.

One solicitor recently said, “I look forward to working together again as it makes such a difference to have a Silk who is so down to earth”.

Another described him as “a delight to work with”.


Recent cases include


R v FW and others (Maidstone) Acted for the first defendant in a 7 handed murder. The defendant and witnesses were all young asylum seekers from Afghanistan who engaged in a knife fight during the course of which many youths were stabbed, one of whom died. Alan took the lead in cross examination of all the witnesses. After 46 days, the prosecution offered no further evidence against his client.

R v JF : (Sheffield) Defended a young man accused of murdering an alcoholic older man who had allegedly sexually abused him. This was the first case at Sheffield Crown Court that raised the defence of Loss of Control.

R v KSS : (Birmingham) Defended in a money laundering conspiracy that involved tens of thousands of pounds that related to other complex money laundering conspiracies in the UK and abroad

R v SS : (Lewes) Defended one of two defendants for the brutal murder of a man in his own home.

R v JT : (Reading)  Defended one of 4 defendants for a conspiracy to murder. The prosecution offered no evidence due to difficulties relating to disclosure that we sought

R v MH and others: (Birmingham) Defended the first defendant in a 5 handed murder of a vulnerable man who was kicked and punched to death in the street in an attack by a group of male and females

R v AH and others: (Kingston) Represented the second defendant in a £100 million money laundering trial that was connected to long running investigations into Bureau de Change in Central London. The case was stayed as an abuse of the process following lengthy legal arguments. 

R v DC and another: (Old Bailey)  Represented one defendant accused of a double attempted murder arising from a gang related feud.

R v GS : (Bristol) Defended a female accused of a number of allegations of perverting the course to justice. The prosecution  alleged that she had invented a ‘stalker’ who kidnapped and raped her. The case was very sensitive and complex and the defendant was supported by ‘Women Against Rape’.

R v JR : (Gloucester) Prosecuted a defendant for grooming and raping a student. The complainant committed suicide before the trial began and her evidence was admitted as hearsay

R  v DC : (Birmingham) Prosecuted a man who was described by the judge as a ‘danger to women’ who murdered a female and dumped her body in a stream


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