Jason Dunn-Shaw (Member of Chambers)

Jason Dunn-Shaw (Member of Chambers)

Date of Call: 1992 (Lincoln's Inn)

Areas of Practice:

  • Criminal Defence
  • Court Martial
  • Appellate work



A dedicated, thorough, thoughtful and compassionate advocate who now only defends, but with a strong reputation as a former prosecutor, he has extensive experience of all alleged offending.

This includes more than forty-five murder trials as well as cases of attempted murder, manslaughter and causing death by dangerous driving. Similarly drugs importations, sexual offences and fraud.

At the same time he recognises that there is no such thing as a "trivial" offence for anyone whose reputation or liberty is as stake.

Notable cases (Prosecuting and defending)


R v Farmer and Sonnex (appearing for Farmer) - where two French students were murdered in a "blood bath", being stabbed in excess of 250 times and their bodies subsequently set alight.

R v Wright - who murdered his mother and spent her money on crack cocaine.

R v Danish - who conspired with the wife of the victim to murder him for the sake of his insurance money.


R v Cobb - a male nurse who administered an amnesiac drug Midazolam to a female colleague with intent to rape her. The victim died but Cobb went on to administer the same drug to patients in Accident and Emergency in order to rape them. He received seven life sentences.

Sexual offences:

R v Arslan and others - the abduction and selling into sexual slavery of women from outside the UK by five defendants.


R v Shearman - a middle-aged man who befriended a lady of 101 years of age whom he tried to marry in order to become the sole beneficiary under her will (to the exclusion of her intended legatees) and who stole from her.

R v Iaquaniello - a female police officer who faked a number of burglaries at her home in order to make insurance claims. As time went on she began to fake threats on her life and attempts to kill her - including cutting the brake pipes of her own car. This had the ultimate aim of suing the police for failing to protect her from her would-be killer.

Reported cases:

R v Conteh - is now the leading case on the high threshold which must be passed before a defendant can be convicted of this offence. (2004 RTR 1)









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